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You are a mother and you have to keep your babies calm if you don't want to be stressed! To win, you must have 10 babies for 2 minutes

Wait a bit to have a baby, don't think it's not working because you play a bit and don't have a baby, babies spawn randomly in 1 to 2 minutes.

Click what you want to use and if it involves a baby, click the baby after pressing the button.

If some baby from the upper row is in front of a lower baby needs, sorry

You only have to click

Click the game in the moment it begins loading to activate sound.

Made for the Weekly Game Jam: Week 85: Offspring

Made with the game engine Scratch 3.0.

Was running out of time and forgot to add sound effects

Music: http://freemusicarchive.org

-Rolemusic-La Calahorra


-Komiku-The Evil Plan

-Lately kind of yeah- x 

-Rolemusic- pl4y1ng


MotherOfStress.zip 8 MB


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